Welcome to the Main Campus Library!

Please adhere to all COVID-19 safety protocols and mandates! The Austrian "2.5 G Rule" (vaccinated, recovered, PCR test) applies; JKU wristband and face coverings (FFP2 face mask) are required when in the libraries or in the Learning Center!

JKU Rules & Regulations § 9a

Please note our modified library hours! Semester Interim 2022

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Library Hours

  Reading Area and Circulation
Monday 8.30 AM - 8.00 PM

8.30 AM - 8.00 PM

Wednesday 8.30 AM - 8.00 PM
Thursday 8.30 AM - 8.00 PM
Friday 8.30 AM - 6.00 PM

10.00 AM - 4.00  PM

The library is closed on Sundays and holidays.

Any changes will be posted in advance.

A large part of the inventory is freely accessible in the reading areas. The reading and work areas - equipped with Wi-Fi - give you the the perfect place to work and study among the library's resources.

Main Campus Library


+43 732 2468 4850

How to find what you're looking for at the Main Campus Library

Open Access Books = Books with Classification Systematics

These books are arranged according to the system of decimal classification (DC). DC indicates the book's exact location in the reading area.
If a DC appears in the catalog in addition to a book's signature, you can search for the book yourself.
Within the same DC, the books are sorted according to the inventory number.
(The textbook collection can also be found in the open access section on the ground floor of the Main Campus Library.)



FH Open access materials

Open access in the Reading Area Decimal Classification (DC)

LBS Textbook Collection

Open access in the Reading Area (ground floor) Map

EDZ Europ. Documentation Center

Open access in the Reading Area (2nd floor near Law)

INFO Informatics = Subject Library Informatics

Open access in the Reading Area (1st floor)

VWL Economics = Subject Area Economics

Open access in the Reading Area (1st floor)



Books in the Stack Room = Books without Decimal Classification

These books are located in a publicly inaccessible section of the library and can be ordered at the Circulation Desk: submit an order form or order online.

MAG1    Stack Room 1
MAG2    Stack Room 2
MAG3    Stack Room 3
MAG4    Newpaper Magazines
MAG5    Duplicate Magazines
AK    Chamber of Labour Foundation

You can get ordered books from the stack rooms during the following times.

Books and Inventory from the Archives

Studierender im Lesebereich der Hauptbibliothek