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Welcome to the New Bachelor BWL (Business Administration)

We are excited to start with the new Bachelor BWL in the upcoming winter semester. Our Institute offers the compulsory subjects “Introduction to Organization ( KS: Einführung in Organisation)”, “Managerial Practice" (IK: Unternehmerisches Handeln – Management)” and “Ethics, Gender and Diversity (IK: Auswirkungen unternehmerischen Handelns – Ethik, Gender und Diversity)”. In addition, we offer - in cooperation with other Institutes – the two new Majors/Minors "Organization, Innovation and Entrepreneurship" and "Sustainability Management", which focus on current needs and challenges of organizations.

For students that have started with the specialization topic "Organization & Innovation" in the last terms, you can complete this specialization by attending the equivalent courses in the new Major/Minor. For students that want to switch, a list of equivalent courses will tell you which new courses/modules you have to take.

The new Major is structured into two modules, two additional subjects and an exam. All students have to complete the module "Foundations of Organization" (offered each winter term) and the module "Foundations of Innovation and Entrepreneurship" (offered each summer term). Once one of these modules is completed, you can continue with the courses "Advanced Topics in Organization" or "Advanced Topics in Innovation and Entrepreneurship" (pick one, depending on which module you have completed first/what you want to specialize in) and "Entrepreneurial and Leadership Skills". One you have completed both introductory modules, you can attend the "Research Seminar in "Organization, Innovation and Entrepreneurship". This will allow you to start with the Major/Minor in each term, though not all courses will be offered in each term. It will also allow you to complete the Major/Minor in two terms. Each course has 3 ECTS, and together this will amount to 21 ECTS. You will complete the Major with an exam, which counts for an extra 3 ECTS.

If you just want to do the Minor, you will have to do the two introductory modules (12 ECTS overall). Note that the previous specialization only had 18 ECTS, and the new major has 24 ECTS. So if you want to switch, you will have to take more courses.

You can write your Bachelor thesis in the Bachelor Thesis Seminar (SE Forschungsseminar only for Bachelor Thesis) offered at the Institute. The course instructor will be your supervisor, similar to the previous years. You can only attend the Bachelor Seminar after successfully having completed the courses "Wissenschaftliches Arbeiten" and "Research Seminar" from the new program or equivalent courses from the old program.

We are very excited about this new structure and the new topic areas and hope to see many of you in the classroom. Here you find further information about our teaching approach, öffnet eine externe URL in einem neuen Fenster, about our teaching portfolio, öffnet eine externe URL in einem neuen Fenster and about Bachelor and Master Theses, öffnet eine externe URL in einem neuen Fenster.