Floor Plan Juridicum Law Library.

Ground Floor

Circulation Desk, Information
Scanner (b/w)


1st Floor

Canon Law, European Legal History and Religious Law / KIRE
Legal Gender Studies / Austrian and German Legal History / REGE
Criminal Sciences / STRE
University Law / UNIR


Bibliothek Juridicum, Plan 1. Stock

2nd Floor

Roman Law / ROMR
Environmental Law / UMRE
Civil Law / ZIVR


Bibliothek Juridicum, Plan 2. Stock

3rd Floor

Labour and Social Law / ARBR
European and Austrian Civil Procedural / ZIVP2
European Law / EURE
Business Law / UNRE
International Law and International Relations / VOEL
Civil Process and Involvency Law / ZIVP


Bibliothek Juridicum, Plan 3. Stock

4th Floor

Financial Law, Tax Law and Tax Policy / FIRE
Right to Social Care and Medical Law / DARE
Constitutional Law and Political Sciences / STAR
Administrative Law and Administrative Education / VWRE


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