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LIT Cyber-Physical Systems Lab
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4 Doctors: Success at the LIT CPS Lab

[Translate to Englisch:] 2 Doktorinnen, 2 Doktoren: Erfolg am LIT CPS Lab

The LIT CPS Lab has achieved a significant milestone: the fourth candidate from our team has successfully completed her doctoral studies. On Friday, the 17th of November 2023, Bianca Wiesmayr's research career reached another peak with the successful defense of her doctoral thesis.

Bianca specialized her research in enhancing efficiency in the development of control software. She particularly investigated how behavioral descriptions can be utilized in the software development process. Notably, her research findings were largely integrated into a freely available development environment. "Completing a doctoral program was the best decision. Over the past years, I have learned so much, and at the same time, I could pursue my own ideas. I have met numerous researchers in my field with whom I collaborate. I wouldn't want to miss the experiences," says Bianca.

A week earlier, Lisa Sonnleithner also successfully completed her doctoral studies. Lisa's research focuses on the analysis and improvement of software quality in cyber-physical production systems. "I am looking forward to working as a postdoc in our team. Exciting tasks, such as leading team members, are waiting for me," says Lisa.

As Kevin Feichtinger and Kirill Dorofeev also successfully completed their doctoral studies in the preceding months, the LIT CPS Lab is now proud of a total of four freshly minted doctors. Professor Rabiser expresses his joy: "All four doctors have done outstanding work in their fields of variability modeling and control software engineering. The large number of publications in internationally renowned conferences and journals speaks for itself. The LIT CPS Lab, especially the new doctors themselves, can be very proud."

"Each of these dissertations began with an idea. Months and years of continuous work were necessary to turn these ideas into such excellent research papers. Now our graduates can not only be proud of their degrees, but also look forward to the new stages in their lives that are associated with these achievements," says Professor Zoitl.