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Forschungsseminar am Institut für Angewandte Statistik

23. November

Paula Camelia Trandafir, Department of Statistics, Computer Science and Mathematics, Public University of Navarre: Age-specific spatio-temporal patterns of ovarian cancer mortality in Spain

Paula Trandafir

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Meeting-ID: 280 519 2121
Passwort: 584190


Ovarian cancer stands as a prominent contributor to gynecological malignancy-related fatalities, with an estimated lifetime risk of occurrence in about 1 in every 50 to 70 women. Its highest incidence emerges among women aged 60 to 64 years, predominantly afflicting those over 50. Globally, the yearly tally includes approximately 204,449 newly diagnosed cases of ovarian cancer, constituting around 4% of all female cancers, with 124,860 deaths attributed to the disease (GLOBOCAN data).
Within the realm of epidemiological literature, a prevalent observation is the limited focus on spatial, temporal, or spatio-temporal analyses of ovarian cancer mortality, often without delving into age-specific breakdowns. This can potentially lead to conclusions that may lack precision. Our objective in this study is to delve into the temporal evolution of geographic patterns in ovarian cancer mortality rates, examining distinct age groups, across Spanish provinces spanning the period from 1989 to 2015. To achieve this, we will explore various autoregressive models. Model fitting and inference will be carried out using integrated nested Laplace approximations and employing an R code.


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15:30 - 17:00 Uhr

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S2 Z74, Science Park 2