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The JKU Business School Kicks Off with an Unconventional Opening Event

The unconventional launch of the JKU Business School featured no lengthy speeches, no formal lectures and no flowery congratulations.

Eröffnung der JKU Business School.
Eröffnung der JKU Business School.

The fresh and original event marked the Business School’s pioneering direction: faculty members and students at the centerstage of innovation. Over 300 guests attended the opening event at the LIT Open Innovation Center on the Johannes Kepler University Linz campus. The JKU Business School impressively demonstrated that the days of an ‘Ivory Tower’ at the university are a thing of the past. Together with dancers and musicians, Business School professors were on stage embodying opposites yet simultaneously dissolving apparent opposites. Business Informatics expert Stefan Koch, Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs, played the "rationalist" to Innovation Management professor Matthias Fink’s "emotionalist". Two attributes that an entrepreneur must find a way to bring together because: ‘Networked thinking and intuitive action are intertwined.’

Partner university representatives and JKU students studying around the world conveyed their best wishes and greetings to the JKU Business School via video.