Karin Mayr-Dorn

Assoc. Karin Mayr-Dorn

Research interests: international economics, labor economics, public economics

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Curriculum vitae

Karin Mayr-Dorn is an Associate Professor at the Department of Economics at Johannes Kepler University of Linz. Her research is in the intersection of international economics, labor economics, and public economics. Much of her work focuses on issues related to (international) labor mobility and associated effects on labor markets and the public sector. Before Linz, she spent 6 years at the University of Vienna, where she obtained her habilitation in 2013. She was a research visitor at the University of Warwick, Trinity College Dublin, the University of California, Davis, and the University College London. In 2015 and 2017, she was on maternity leave with her two sons.

Curriculum vitae (long version) (PDF)


Publications in peer-reviewed academic journals:

Immigration and wages: the role of endogenous worker assignment to firms, Economics Letters, 183, 2019.
[abstract] [article]

Unemployment of immigrants and natives over the business cycle: evidence from the Austrian labor market (with Nora Prean), CESifo Economic Studies, 62/1, 1-25, 2016 (editor's choice article).
[abstract] [article] (PDF) [IDEAS]

The selection of migrants and returnees in Romania (with William Ambrosini, Giovanni Peri and Dragos Radu), Economics of Transition, 23/4, 753-793, 2015.
[abstract] [article] [IDEAS]

Skill-biased technological change, unemployment and brain drain (with Harald Fadinger), Journal of the European Economic Association, 12/2, 397-431, 2014.
[abstract] [article] [IDEAS]

Immigration and voting on the size and the composition of public spending, FinanzArchiv/Public Finance Analysis, 69/2, 2013.
[abstract] [article] [IDEAS]

Policies on illegal immigration in a federation (with Steffen Minter and Tim Krieger), Regional Science and Urban Economics, 42/1-2, 153-165, 2012.
[abstract] [article] [IDEAS]

Optimal deficit and debt in the presence of foreign aid, World Development, 38/1, 19-27, 2010.
[abstract] [article] [IDEAS]

Brain drain and brain return: theory and application to Eastern-Western Europe (with Giovanni Peri), Contributions to Economic Analysis and Policy, Berkeley Electronic Press, 9/1, 2009.
[abstract] [article] [IDEAS]

Immigration and income redistribution - a political economy analysis, Public Choice, 131/1, 101-116, 2007.
[abstract] [article] [IDEAS]

The fiscal impact of immigrants in Austria - a generational accounting analysis, Empirica, 32, 181-216, 2005.
[abstract] [article] [IDEAS]

Current working papers:

Internationalization strategies of multi-product firms: The role of technology (with Daniel Baumgarten und Michael Irlacher), University of Linz, Department of Economics WP 2014 and CESifo Working Paper No. 8471, submitted.

Adverse selection, learning, and competitive search, submitted.
(Previous version: Does digitalization increase labor market efficiency? Job search and effort on the job with asymmetric information and firm learning, University of Linz, Department of Economics, WP 1906.)

Other publications:

Die ökonomischen Auswirkungen von internationaler Migration, in: H. Fassmann und J. Dahlvik (eds.), 'Migrations- und Integrationsforschung - multidisziplinäre Perspektiven', 2. Auflage, Vienna University Press, 2012.

Rezension: T. Boeri, H. Brücker, et al. (eds.): Brain drain and brain gain: the global competition to attract high-skilled migrants, Oxford University Press, LSE Review of Books,, 2012.

Rezension: A. Kemnitz: Immigration, unemployment and domestic welfare, Journal of Economics, 91/3, 297-299, 2007.

Immigration: Auswirkungen auf Arbeitsmarkt und öffentliche Finanzen, Wirtschaftspolitische Blätter, 53/2, 2006.

Immigration und öffentliche Finanzen aus polit-ökonomischer Sicht, Wirtschafts- und sozialpolitische Zeitschrift des Instituts für Sozial- und Wirtschaftswissenschaften (WISO), 29/2, 2006.

Increasing labour supply through economic migration - comments and statements, Mutual Learning Programme of the European Employment Strategy, European Commission-DG Employment, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities, 2005.

Work, economic situation and impact of illegal immigration on the host society, in: International Organisation for Migration, 'Illegal immigration in Austria', Austrian contribution to the European Research Study Project II 'Illegally resident third country nationals in the EU member states: state approaches towards them and their profile and social situation', 2005.

On the fiscal impact of immigration, Peter Lang, Europäischer Verlag der Wissenschaften, Serie V, Economics and Management, Vol. 3109, Frankfurt am Main, 2005.


The Multinational Firm in the Global Economy Winter term
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