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Guest Professor at the Uni Clinic for Neurosurgery

At the end of April, Italian neurosurgeon Univ. Prof. Dr. Marco Cenzato will teach at the KUK as a Senior JKU Fellow.


The New JKU “Kepler Tribune”: Bringing Knowledge to the People

Die Johannes Kepler University is bringing knowledge to the people: the new “Kepler Tribune” made its debut at a recent ceremony on campus.


Fight Against Cancer: Researchers Set “Killer Cells” on Tumor Tissue

Scientists at the JKU have succeeded in activating so-called T-killer immune cells to target affected tumor tissue.


Medical Technology Industry as a Driver of Innovation

JKU Rector Meinhard Lukas introduced the JKU’s most significant medical technology projects to over 80 guests at the "2018 MedTech.Circle".


JKU Rector Lukas Aims to Raise Awareness on World Kidney Day

Meinhard Lukas, the Rector of the Johannes Kepler University, suffers from chronic kidney disease himself and undergoes daily dialysis treatments. On…


New at the JKU: 180 Spots in the Medical Degree Program

This year the JKU will accept 180 students in the medical degree program at the JKU’s Faculty of Medicine. Of those, 60 will complete their medical…


Co-Founder of Optogenetics Visits the JKU

Peter Hegemann, a co-founder of optogenetics along with other researchers, will hold a presentation at the JKU on January 23, 2018.