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Beer brewing

Brewery - Juice of Knowledge and Understanding

In a special part in our research section, which belongs to biotechnology, the CTO is dealing with the production of beer. Beer brewing is one of the oldest and most fundamental biotechnological processes that can even be traces back to the time of the Sumerian. Since then the process of brewing has hardly changed. Simple ingredients like water, barley, hops and yeast enable the production of a great variety of tasty beers.

However, crossing the lines of the German purity law and the addition of miscellaneous herbs or fruits special flavours can be achieved which are far beyond any commercially available beer styles. The CTO team is therefore very enthusiastic about creating new recipes. In addition, the institutes equipment enables us to carry out a comprehensive analysis of the beers and therefore the brewing process can be better understood and modified.

Beer styles brewed by CTO “Juice of Knowledge and Understanding”:


Wheat beer

Smoke beer

Pumpkin beer

American IPA

Belgian Dubbel

German Pils

… and many more

For more information check us out on “Untappd.com, opens an external URL in a new window” or visit our institute in person.