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Institute for Chemical Technology of Organic Materials
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Inkjet Polyester

Development of water-borne core-shell inkjet inks for packaging

The project “TIGER Polyester” aims to develop water-based inkjet inks which can be used for the printing of various food packaging materials. The principle idea is to coat pigments with specific polymers to form core-shell particles which further form stable dispersions in aqueous medium. After the application of ink and evaporation of the water, the polymer produces a solvent-resistant film with good adhesion on common plastic substrates and aluminum.

The research at the Institute for Chemical Technologies of Organic Materials focusses on the synthesis and characterization of polyesters and polyester dispersions. Only materials listed in the Swiss Ordinance may be used to ensure safety upon indirect food contact. Additionally, the polymer dispersions have to fulfill certain requirements regarding viscosity, surface energy and compatibility with the pigment pastes.