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Corn starch production

OptiMaize - Process optimization of a corn starch production plant

The process for the production of cornstarch and its respective by-products is well established. Thus, the optimization of a corn starch plant is very challenging. In contrast to standard production plants focusing mainly on the production performance, the Agrana Aschach plant processes about 30 % specialty corn. Specialty corn can be either waxy corn, organic corn or corn, which is free from genetically modified organisms. Especially the production of organic starch is very demanding due to restrictions with respect to microbiological stability and process control.
   The OptiMaize project focuses on building a better understanding of the corn starch production and its influencing factors. On that basis, an optimization and a stabilization of the production process of Agrana specialty corn starch plant in Aschach will be achieved. In addition this should lead to a reduction in energy and process aid consumption.

This project is funded by the FFG.