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Institute for Chemical Technology of Organic Materials
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Bachelor, Master or Dissertation at the Institute for Chemical Technology of Organic Materials

You are interested in becoming part of the CTO team and would like to prepare your bachelor thesis, master thesis, or dissertation at the institute?

Research topics at the CTO are in the areas of:

  1. Polymer synthesis & characterization

  2. Synthesis of advanced building blocks for polymers

  3. Polymerization catalysts

  4. CO2-conversion

  5. High-pressure biotechnology

  6. Lignin & biopolymers

  7. Spectroscopy

  8. Gemmology

For more information on available topics, please contact us under cto-office(at)jku.at. We look forward to meeting you.


Framework conditions for scientific theses at the CTO:

The duration of practical work is estimated at 8 weeks (bachelor thesis), 6 months (master thesis), and >3 years (dissertation).

Bachelor's theses, Master's theses, and dissertations must be completed within the time limit of BSc: 1 year, MSc: 2 years, and Ph.D.: 4 years. Thereafter, acceptance by the supervisors cannot be guaranteed.

The scientific thesis must be written according to JKU specifications and CTO guidelines.

An electronic version (word and PDF file), as well as a printed version, have to be provided for archiving at the institute, the letter one with the title and name of the author on the cover and name of the author, type of thesis, and year of graduation printed on the spine of the cover.

Bachelor theses are color-coded with red hardcover or white ring cover, Master theses must have a blue hardcover, and dissertations a black hardcover.