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OA Publishing in American Institute of Physics Subscription Journals.

In which content can OA articles be published?
In subscription journals that have an OA publishing option (= hybrid).

What types of articles will be accepted?
peer-reviewed articles, other peer-reviewed material.

Which licenses are available?
CC-BY 4.0.
see Creative Commons, opens an external URL in a new window

Which authors will be accepted?
Corresponding authors who are affiliated with JKU at the time of acceptance.

Are FWF articles covered?
Yes, for now up until the end of 2024 - license renewal will be negotiated.

How are the authors identified?
By indicating the name of the institution (JKU).

Are there any costs or fees for authors?
No. There are no fees for Open Access in AIP Journals.

What is the process for authors?
Eligible authors will be informed by the publisher and can select the Open Access Agreement.



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