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High Energy Physics and OA.

The Main Campus University Library in Linz supports the global open access project SCOAP3.

The Main Campus Library has supported the global open access project SCOAP3 for the Johannes Kepler University Linz since the agreement went into effect on January 1, 2014. As part of the agreement, the entire scientific output in the field of high energy physics (HEP) can be switched to open access without additional costs for scientists.

Since 2014, HEP content by publishing companies such as Elsevier, Hindawi, Institute of Physics, Jagiellonian University, Oxford University Press and Springer has been available worldwide as open access articles.

Beginning January 2018, the HEP content by journals including Physical Review C, Physical Review D and Physical Review Letters of the American Physical Society will also be part of SCOAP3 and will be switched to become open access.

As project leaders of SCOAP3, the American Physical Society and CERN have signed a corresponding agreement. In Austria, SCOAP3 is also co-financed by the Main Campus Library in Linz.



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