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Successful two-year evaluation: Christian Doppler Lab VaSiCS extended

In November the Christian Doppler Lab VaSiCS was scientifically evaluated. The evaluation report submitted before described the research results since the start of the laboratory in February 2021 and an outlook on the planned work for the next years. 

Christian Doppler Labor VaSiCS Team
The Christian Doppler Laboratory VaSiCS team (from l to r): Rick Rabiser, Antonio Manuel Gutierrez Fernandez, Hafiyyan Sayyid Fadhlillah, Markus Unterdechler, Shubham Sharma, Philipp Bauer, Lisa Sonnleithner, Elene Kutsia, Ursula Schwarzgruber, Alois Zoitl; photo credit: Kneidinger-Photography

During the evaluation event an overview of the research results and plans as well as selected details were presented. The evaluation committee came to a very positive conclusion. Based on this conclusion and the decision of the CD-Senate, the CD-Kuratorium has approved the extension of the CD Lab VaSiCS for the next, three-year period until Jan 31, 2026

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