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"Anatomy for Everyone" at the JKU medSPACE: Strong Public Interest

The fully booked event on February 28 featured the human heart as the star of the show.

Impressions from "Anatomy for Everyone"
Impressions from "Anatomy for Everyone"

The Johannes Kepler University Linz extended an open invitation to embark on a 3D journey through the human body at the unique JKU medSPACE at the JKU's medical campus. The medSPACE is where "Virtual Anatomy" became an experience on February 28 (focusing on the heart), followed by a presentation about human joints on March 30.

The JKU medSPACE is a lecture hall, laboratory, forum, and stage all rolled into one, giving faculty members a unique way to teach and understand medicine. Rather that viewing CT or MRI scans on a monitor, students can better understand the subject area by viewing these scans as huge, three-dimensional images on a 14x7 meter-size screen and in 8K resolution. The response was overwhelming and many guests were enthusiastic about another opportunity to explore the human body in this manner.