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Guest Professor at the Uni Clinic for Neurosurgery

At the end of April, Italian neurosurgeon Univ. Prof. Dr. Marco Cenzato will teach at the KUK as a Senior JKU Fellow.

As head of the Clinic for Neurosurgery at Ospedale Maggiore Niguarda Ca´ Granda (Milan, Italy) Prof. Dr. Cenzato will provide special insight based on his wealth of professional experience in the field. His visit also includes publicly accessible talks:

April 26, 2018, 3 PM: Neuromed Campus Lecture: “Surgical Management of Brain AVMs”
Kepler University Clinic, Neuromed Campus
Univ. Klinik for Neurosurgery, Wagner Jauregg Weg 15, 4010 Linz

April 26, 2018, 6 PM: Discussion with business journalists: “European Consensus on Treatment of Unruptured Brain AVMs?”
Johannes Kepler University, Uni Center, Faculty Lounge
Altenberger Straße 69, 4040 Linz

April 27, 2018, 9 AM: ZMF Lecture: “Management of Brain AVMs after ARUBA – The European Consensus Statement”
Johannes Kepler University, Center for Medical Research
Med Campus II, Krankenhausstraße 7a, 4020 Linz