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Cell Culture and Hypoxia

The Core Facility Cell Culture and Hypoxia provides the infrastructure for the cultivation of cells under physiological conditions, including the simulation of hypoxia. Equipped with modern incubators and a Hypoxia Workstation, it allows the replication of oxygen deficiency conditions, comparable to the situation in tissues and tumors. In collaboration with other Core Facilities at the Center for Medical Research, this enables experimental studies on cellular responses and disease mechanisms, as well as the development of new therapies.


Hypoxia Working Station

The hypoxia station from BioSpherix is a hermetic system consisting of individual compartments and incubators that can be operated under various atmospheric conditions. Gas mixtures in positive pressure with 1-5% v/v oxygen and 5% v/v carbon dioxide are used for this purpose, and humidity (60-90%) can be precisely regulated. Dynamic or cyclic oxygen regulation is also possible. The hypoxia station includes an airlock for introducing materials needed for the experiment, a sterile workbench for cell treatment, two incubators, and a microscopy unit.

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