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Successful in turbulent times

Impulses for Leadership, Change Management & Ambidexterity

Leadership is especially in demand when storms sweep across companies. Then there have to be people who take responsibility, set the direction, use teams and employees appropriately and check whether the chosen course promises success. Leadership is therefore about to perfect. Because only with mature management expertise, leaders can sail even in turbulent times. Successful in turbulent times: impulses for leadership, change management and ambidexterity support executives and companies with scientific and practical concepts for mastering current challenges in turbulent corporate environments. Leadership is simultaneously craft and art. In order to compete in the competition, it requires elaborated leadership expertise on tools and their artistic use for the creation of competitive advantages. In addition to the conceptual version of the organization's performance core, contributions to leadership, change management and ambidexterity provide answers to core management questions:

  • What causes the competitiveness of companies?
  • How do managers improve the performance of their areas?
  • How are change processes designed?
  • How to ensure the continuous development of companies?


Author: Wolfgang H. Güttel