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Institute of Leadership and Change Management
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Center for Microfoundations of Rules & Routines

Foundations of organizational behavior.

The Center for Microfoundations of Rules & Routines concentrates on identifying and understanding the building blocks of organizational behavior. Following topics are of main interest: How are decisions being made? How does strategically relevant knowledge become useable on different organizational levels? How are capabilities developed and competitive advantage sustained? Answering these questions brings about a fundamental understanding of organizational processes and thereby proviedes the foundation of application-oriented research.


Institute of Leadership and Change Management

Contact person

Mag.a Johanna Grünauer

Contributions to research

  • Gruenauer, Johanna/Güttel, Wolfgang/Wurmbrand, Alfred (forthcoming): Simple Rules: Wie sich Unternehmen das Leben einfacher machen können und dennoch effektiver agieren. Zeitschrift für Führung und Organisation.
  • Güttel, Wolfgang (2017): Führung und Wandel des Leistungskerns von Organisationen. Austrian Management Review, Vol. 7, 9-31.
  • Garaus, Christian/ Furtmüller, Gerhard/Güttel, Wolfgang (2016): The Hidden Power of Small Rewards: The Effects of Insufficient External Rewards on Autonomous Motivation to Learn. Academy of Management Learning & Education, Vol. 15, 45-59.
  • Gruenauer, Johanna/ Güttel, Wolfgang (2017): Simple rules: Untangling the nexusbetween cognitions & capabilities. Berlin, SKM Conference Paper.
  • Güttel, Wolfgang/ Konlechner, Stefan (2010): Dynamic Capacity: A Reconceptualization and Microfoundation of Dynamic Capabilites. Montreal, AoM Conference Paper.

Pracitcal projects / partners

  • WÜRTH Austria: In cooperation with WÜRTH Austiras top-management we investigate elementary rules of decision-making and acting that distinguish more and less successful units. The main research interest is on identifying strategically relevant rules and way of distributing them throughout the company.
  • Silhouette: The cooperation with the Upper Austrian eyewear manufacturer tries to answer the questions of how and where organizational capabilities come into being  and what barriers might hinder this process.