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The Náboj Contest.

Initially held in Bratislava in 1998, Náboj has become an annual international mathematics competition. Students at the JKU Linz have been able actively take part since 2015.

The competition involves students working in teams of up to five people. The goal is to solve as many math problems as possible in 120 minutes. There are two categories: The junior category for 9th and 10th graders, and the senior category (no restriction in terms of school level).

Náboj does not require any special preparation beforehand or prior competition experience. The problems require a certain amount of logical thinking skills, creativity, and teamwork. Those wishing to take part can look at math problems from past Náboj competitions, opens an external URL in a new window, as well as Náboj quizzes, opens an external URL in a new window from the Viennese MmF project. 

Linz School of Education



Mag. Sandra Reichenberger, MSc

This was Náboj 2024!

The 9th annual Náboj international mathematics competition took place at the Johannes Kepler University on April 19t. The Náboj competition involved 64 teams of four to five secondary-level school students in two different age categories (junior and senior) trying to solve as many challenging math problems as possible within a two-hour period. Teams had to not only demonstrate a sense of creativity and logical thinking skills, but also their ability to work as a team! This year, students and the teachers from this year's teams were also put to the test and had an opportunity to tackle the challenging mathematical problems in a separate category as part of inter-school teams.


After two hours of extremely close competition, the HTL Braunau am Inn team were crowned the winners in the Junior category, and the BG and BRG Gmunden team won the Senior category. During the award ceremony, all of the participating teams received a round of applause and a certificate in recognition for their efforts. The top three teams in each category were honored for their outstanding performance and took home some great prizes. The JKU would like to congratulate all of the winning teams and everyone who took part at Náboj 2024!

We would also like to thank all of the sponsors, particularly the Upper Austrian chapter of the Federation of Austrian Industries, and the many helping hands that made this event a truly memorable experience for over 300 students. The JKU looks forward to welcoming math fans again to Náboj 2025 next year on March 14, 2025!

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Be There! Náboj 2025

The Náboj competition will take place at the JKU again next year on March 14, 2025!