Open House at LIT.

Does a robot waiter expect a tip? And could Siri and Alexa see a therapist if they wanted to? Here at the JKU, we're already working on the technologies and challenges of the future.

Come to our OPEN HOUSE event at the Linz Institute of Technology (LIT) and see for yourself what you can major in at LIT. In addition to information about our degree programs, you can get up close and personal with science by checking out our coffee-pouring robots and conducting experiments in artificial intelligence and chemistry.

Open House – Linz Institute of Technology


March 15, 2019
9.00 AM – 5.00 PM


Johannes Kepler University Linz, Altenbergerstraße 69, 4040 Linz


Science Park 1 – 3

Academic Advising

We want you to get all of the information you need. Visit these booths and ask what you want to know:

  • Academic advising for all majors
  • Financial Aid
  • Admissions Office
  • Administrative offices for some student dormitories
  • Studies Information & Academic Advising Services

Academic Degree Programs at LIT

Whether it's Mechatronics, Computer Science, Chemistry, Polymer Engineering, Physics or Mathematics – you can imagine your future at LIT at the JKU Linz. We offer an extensive selection of 12 Bachelor's degree programs and 18 Master's degree programs in the area of Engineering & Natural Sciences:

Station Highlights

Get up close and personal to science at many exciting stations. See just how technology works and how it never ceases to amaze us every day:

Airborne Optical Sectioning: Indiana Jones would be jealous. New Airborne Optical Sectioning Technology allows drones to seek out hidden objects and structures tucked away under dense forest and bushes. Discover just how it works and how this technology will change archeology forever.

Nitrogen Ice-Cream: Plants have always loved nitrogen. They need it for photosynthesis. Kids love it, too - at least at this station where nitrogen gas (which can also be used to extinguish fires) can be turned into delicious ice-cream. Even chocolate or vanilla! Who knew chemistry could taste so good. Try it out!

The World's Fastest Waiter: Do you have the same problem every morning? You need coffee - and as quickly as possible! We'll show you the fastest "waiter" in the world at the robotics station. You can get your coffee without a drop being spilled, no matter how much the robotic arm sways and moves. Tea lovers don't worry - it works the same way for tea.

KCube: Balance not only ensures stability for humans: The robotic cube at this station never loses its balance. It balances on its corners and even fast movement can't shake it. How does it work? You'd be surprised.

Self-Balancing Bike: Kids often learn to ride a bike with the help of training wheels. Bicycles, too. At least, the kind that propel themselves. See for yourself if these special bikes really need training wheels.

Clean Air for Quantum and Laser Light: The great pyramids of Egypt are known for being very ancient and surprisingly big. At this station, however, you can discover the opposite: Nano-pyramides. You can also learn how to make them and create artificial atoms. You can literally see the "quantum" light ahead.

Detecting Gravitational Waves: Can you surf gravitational waves? Well, no, but since 2017, modern laser technology lets us measure them. This method even won a Nobel Prize for Physics. Visit this station to learn more about how it works and why Einstein's theory of relativity predicted that these waves exist.

Rover Verner: Logic can help with many things: making decisions and solving puzzles and other complex scientific tasks. If we want to know how a computer "thinks", then we have to think logically, like a computer. How can you check if the control software has a driver error? Right: Using logic. Visit this station to learn how it works.

zwei Studentinnen bei der Herstelllung von Stickstoffeis Roboter, welcher einem anderen Roboter Kaffee einschenkt selbst auf den Ecken balancierender KCube im Science Park

Additional Activities

In addition to many exciting, hands-on stations, you can check out fascinating presentations. Stopping by definitely pays off!

Campus Tours

If you want to learn more about the JKU Linz, sign up for a campus tour and see for yourself just what the JKU has to offer.

Food Trucks

Popular food trucks will be on-hand, serving up a variety of refreshments and culinary delights to enjoy.

Directions and Campus Map

By car: Exit Linz-Dornach from the Mühlkreisautobahn A7 and drive straight ahead. You will see the entrance to the university after the third traffic light, the entrance to the Science Park is on the right side.

By tram: In Linz take Trams 1 or 2 in the direction of JKU l Universität all the way to the end stop. The travel time from the Linz main train station is approximately 25 minutes.

Have we piqued your interest? Then don't miss OPEN HOUSE at LIT!

We look forward to seeing you!

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