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Online Workshop "Creating Spaces"

How can innovation/vision be more inclusive and thereby more sustainable? How can a world be designed with many in mind? What kind of tools can be used (for example, AI), and what kinds of costs (material and immaterial) and benefits are involved? What role do people, art, society play?

Drei Studierende sitzen an einem Tisch und arbeiten gemeinsam an einem Projekt

Experts Victoria Kure-Wu (UX Design), Katta Spiel (Assistant Professor for 'Critical Access in Embodied Computing' TU Vienna), Judith Ackermann (Research Professor for Digital Media and Performance in Social Work) will provide insight into their work and how to facilitate participation by means of design in analog or digital space.

Following opening statements by the experts, the panel is opened for questions.

The event is aimed specifically at those in all fields of study and disciplines, as well as those non-affiliated with the university.