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OPEN CALL: Elective WHAT IF...

Submit your application by February 15, 2022!

[Translate to Englisch:] Laborsituation

Interested in shaping the future through art and science? Scientific facts instead of science fiction? The Johannes Kepler University Linz and the Vienna University of Applied Arts would like to invite students in all majors to create imaginative and futuristic visions of the future as well as prototypes based on scientific facts. What will our lives be like in 50 years? How can we manage our economies in a sustainable way? How will we spend our free time? How will we get around?

This elective course is one semester long and worth 4 ECTS credits. Both universities will cover the costs of accommodations, materials, and travel costs for those students selected to take part in the course. Course organizers will work together with students to publicly present their results and findings (potential events: the Venice Biennale, the Ars Electronica Festival...).

Submit your application by February 15, 2022!

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