Univ.-Prof. Dr. Peter Pohl
Head of the institute

Curriculum Vitae

Head of the Institute of Biophysics, Johannes Kepler University (JKU) Linz, Austria; Head of the Division of Molecular Biophysics and Membrane Biophysics; Institut of Biophysics, JKU Linz; Full Professor of Biophysics, Department of Physics, JKU, Austria

Group Leader, Leibnitz Institute for Molecular Pharmacology

Interims Chair for Experimental Biophysics at the Humboldt University Berlin

Assistant Professor, Institute of Medical Physics and Biophysics, Martin-Luther University, Halle, Germany

Research Scientist, Institute of Applied Biophysics, Martin-Luther-University, Halle, Germany

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Secretariat, laboratory and  technicians

Name Position Room Phone Extension E-Mail
Marijana Saric, BSc secretary (on maternity leave) 018 7561 marijana.saric@jku.at
Simone Schweiggl secretary 018 7561 simone.schweiggl@jku.at
Ing. Christine Furherr secretary, laboratory technician 018 7560 christine.furherr@jku.a
Bettina Kenda-Nistelberger laboratory technician 008 7576 bettina.kenda-nistelberger@jku.at
Dipl.-Biol. Univ. Claudia Knör laboratory technician 008 7576



Siegfried Minich technician 218 7625 siegfried.minich@jku.at

sientific staff

Name Position Room Phone Extension E-Mail
Prof. Dr. Peter Pohl head of the institute 019 7562 peter.pohl@jku.at
Dr.in Christine Siligan Senior lecturer 016 7578 christine.siligan@jku.at
Dr. Denis Knyazev Post Doc 015 7573 denis.knyazev@jku.at
Dipl.- Ing. Dr. Nikolaus Gössweiner-Mohr university assistant 016 7552


Bence Ezsias, MSc PhD-student 008 7550 bence.ezsias@jku.at
Adithya Ganesh, MSc PhD-student 322 7580 adithya.ganesh@jku.at
Stefania BresciaMSc PhD-student 312 7555 stefania.brescia@jku.at
Anna Maznichenko, MSc PhD-student 312 7555 anna.maznichenko@jku.a
Jürgen Pfeffermann, MSc PhD-student 008 7550 juergen.pfeffermann@jku.at
Rohit Yadav, MSc PhD-student 323 7582 rohit.yadav@jku.at
Ashwin Mathew, MSc PhD-student 323 7581 ashwin.mathew@jku.at

Selected speakers invitations to international conferences

  • 8th Congress of European Microbiologists, July 2019, Glasgow, Scotland
  • Membranes: Materials and Processes; Gordon Research Conference, August 2018, Colby-Sawyer College in New London, NH United States 
  • Faraday Discussion: Artificial Water Channels, June 2018 Glasgow, United Kingdom, (Introductory Lecture)
  • 49th Sandbjerg Meeting on Membrane Transport, Sonderborg, Denmark, May 2017, Membrane transport of CO2 and other weak acids
  • Meeting of the German Biophysical Society, Erlangen, Germany, September 2016, Monitoring the protein translocation complex (SecYEG) in action

Commissions of trust

2014 - Editorial Board Member: Scientific Reports

2017 - Editorial Board Member: Biophysical Reviews

2017 - Council Member of IUPAB (International Union of Pure and Applied Biophysics) 

2019 - Editorial Board member: Biomolecules