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Quartz Crystal Microbalance (QCM) Flow Through Liquid Cell

Quartz Crystal Microbalance is an acoustic bio-sensing technique, which uses an oscillating quartz crystal for detecting changes in the surrounding media such as viscosity or density changes of liquids or detection of deposited mass to the sensor surface. 
For performing accurate measurements, the design of the used flow-cell is of particular importance as it is in direct contact with the quartz crystal and provides the liquid leading channels as well as the measuring chamber. 
The JKU QCM Flow Through Liquid Cell System is designed for the purpose of biological interaction analysis measurements and underwent several optimization processes (e.g. to avoid air bubbles). 
Our system consists of two parts which are both needed to perform QCM measurements:
The Flow Through Cell itself (LC01) represents the key part of the system including the complete chamber and the tube connectors whereas the Flow Cell holder (CH01) is required for assembling the cell and for connection to the QCM device.


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