Biophysics Colloquium

15.01.2019 Christoph Mayr Mesenchymal stem cell topography, their Young's modulus and molecular binding of rage antibodies
22.01.2019 Gustav Oberdorfer Proteins made to order: computational design of alpha-helical barrels and pore-like assemblies with custom geometries
05.03.2019 Jiri Forejt

PRDM9 and its role in meiotic recombination and hybrid sterility

26.03.2019 Thomas Barta Quantification of the unitary channel turnover number for weak bases

Johannes Wachlmayr

Comparison of the permeabilities of large unilamellar phospholipid vesicles and Aquaporin 1 proteoliposomes in the gel and fluid states

07.05.2019 Sonja Lindinger Characterisation of the TRPV6 channel inhibitor cis-22a 
21.05.2019 Roland Zauner/ Monika Wimmer

The role of microRNAs in aggressive squamous cell carcinoma

28.05.2019 Jürgen Pfeffermann Photoswitching of  peptide channels in lipid bilayers
04.06.2019 Adela Krizova

Characterization of SK3 and Orai1 channel interplay

18.06.2019 Romana Schober  



Tuesdays @12:15

Institute of Biophysics
JKU Life Science Center

Gruberstraße 40
A-4020 Linz

UG1 Seminar Room