Biophysics Colloquium

03.03.2020 Andrea Ebert Permeability of organic ions through biological membrane
10.03.2020 Bence Ezsias

"Development and testing of cross-linked hyaluronan-based hydrogels enhanced with human blood derived proteins for soft tissue replacement scaffolds"

21.04.2020 Adithya Ganesh "Water flux through ion channel receptors"
21.04.2020 Bence Ezsias "Effect of lipid domains on ion channel gating"
28.04.2020 Anna Maznichenko "Interfacial proton migration"
28.04.2020 Stefania Brescia  
12.05.2020 Simon Grall “Towards high speed detection of electrochemical and ionic currents at the nanoscale” 
19.05.2020 Suh Saanfor Hubert "Molecular recognition and selective binding of cargo DNA across DNA nanopores''
19.05.2020 Nora Hagleitner "Funtional characterization of DNA nanopores via single-channel current recordings."
26.05.2020 Renato Pereira Salazar "Discovery of Selfish Mutations in the Male Germline with Duplex Sequencing."
02.06.2020 Nikolaus Gössweiner-Mohr "Structural control for the coordinated assembly into functional pathogenic type-3 secretion systems"
09.06.2020 Rong Zhu "Studies of the interaction between desipramine and monoamine transporters using force spectroscopy"
16.06.2020 Marlene Wahlmüller "Interplay between the chaperone UNC93BI and the calcium sensor STIM1"
16.06.2020 Mario Janjic "Mapping specific amino acids within STIM1 involved in signal transmission of ER store-depletion to the cytosol"
23.06.2020 Katarina Malesevic Analysis of conformational changes of Stromal Interaction Molecule (STIM) utilazing Molecular Biology and FRET methodes
23.06.2020 Christina Humer Establisment of a system for high - throughput measurments and calcium channel proteins

Tuesdays @12:15

Institute of Biophysics
JKU Life Science Center

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UG1 Seminar Room