Molekulare Biosensorik

The MOLECULAR BIOSENSING GROUP of Assoc. Univ.-Prof. Dr. Andreas Ebner is interested to explore and investigate molecular recognition processes, which play a pivotal role in biology, physiology and medicine. For this three different key techniques are used: Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM), Quartz Crystal Microbalance (QCM), and Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR)

Assoc. Univ.-Prof. Dr. Andreas Ebner

Leiter Arbeitsgruppe Molekulare Biosensorik

Stellvertretender Leiter Abteilung für Angewandte Experimentelle Biophysik

Curriculum Vitae

Associate Univ. Prof. at the Institute of Biophysics (head: Univ. Prof. Hinterdorfer)

Assistant Professor at the Institute of Biophysics, Life Science Center, JKU Linz, Austria

Junior group leader and research associate at the Institute of Biophysics, JKU Linz, Austria

Project assistant on the Human Frontier Science Program at the Institute of Biophysics, Kepler Univ. Linz, Austria (Atomic Force Microscopy and Spectroscopy)

Scientific assistant of Molecular Imaging, Arizona, USA (development of TREC-AFM imaging mode)

Scientific consultant of Amersham Biosciences (now: GE Healthcare), Cardiff, UK (comparative study of fluorescent dyes for antibody labelling)

Scientific assistant at the Upper Austrian Research, Linz, Austria (nanoarray fabrication for single molecule fluorescence spectroscopy)

Software Development at Ebner Engineering, Salzburg, Austria

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Bachelorarbeiten Es besteht laufend die Möglichkeit Bachelor Arbeiten in der AG MOLEKULARE BIOSENSORIK zu absolvieren. Bei Interesse wenden Sie Sich bitte an: (Gruberstrasse 40, 4. Stock Raum 437).



Master Students:

Name Function Room Phone Email
Sarah Rautnig Stem Cells FS      
Nicole Eichelberg Hsp70 Lipid Layer FS      
Sara Reisetbauer TREC Erythrocytes      
Daniela Huber SPR QCM renewable surfaces      


PhD Students:

Name Function Room Phone Email


Post Docs: 

Name Function Room Phone Email
Dr. Nawfal Al Zubaidi EFRE: Nanobatterieplattform      
Dr. Michael Leitner EFRE: Nanobatterieplattform      

All Electric Bio-AFM


- Electric readout


- Electric actuation


- Measurements in nontransparent liquids


- Crosslinker chemisty


Quartz Crystal Microbalance


- Surface chemistry


- Enerergy dissipation


- Molecular recognition & kinetic measuremts


- High performance flow through cell

Surface Plasmon Resonance


- Regenerative surface functionalization


- Molecular recognition


- Binding kinetics