Biophysics Colloquium

09.03.2021: Mehrzad Sasanpour - "Dielectrophoresis(DEP) force measurement on Red Blood Cells(RBCs) Using Optical Tweezers(OT)"    
16.03.2021: Susanna Zierler - "Cation Channels – from Cellular Signaling to Immune System Homeostasis."    
13.04.2021: Sabina Köfler: Towards translocon assisted cell-free  co-translational translocation    
20.04.2021: Sofia Moura - "Characterisation of tumour-relevant mutations occurring in the male" germline    
27.04.2021: Mr. Long: Orai channel    
11.05.2021: Marie Theuerkauf:

Ionophoric activity of cyclic depsipeptides from Beauveria bassiana

18.05.2021: Natasha Trajkovska: Machine Learning Tool for Aquaporin Structural Analysis    
01.06.2021: Hubert Saanfor: tba    
08.06.2021: Nora Hagleitner: tba    
15.06.2021: Patricia STicht: tba    
22.06.2021: Monika Heinzl - "Basecalling of Nanopore sequencing data using modern Hopfield networks"    
29.06.2021: Alina Schielin - "Identification of common TP53 mutations in sperm cells via Duplex Sequencing with the Goal of Screening for Paternal Age Effect Disorders"    

Tuesdays @12:15

Institute of Biophysics
JKU Life Science Center

Gruberstraße 40
A-4020 Linz

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