Meet the JKU BUS.

Fast Trader or Fair Trader? Regional or International? The answer is AND. New times call for new strategies and new answers to questions arising from digitalization and internationalization.

The JKU Business School thrives in research, education, and real-world business practices through its commitment to the following core values:

Bold and Entrepreneurial

Firmly anchored in the region, the JKU Business School is an academic hub with an international focus. We not only teach our students to be entrepreneurially minded, we also prepare them to face key challenges of our times: Digital transformation and sustainability.

Connected and Impactful

We offer broad academic and scientific education, making students aware of just how different subject areas connect so they can understand businesses in their entirety and have a real impact as future managers and leaders who are able to think outside of the box.

Curious and Research-led

Each of the JKU Business School's three divisions (Finance & Accounting, Management & Marketing, and Supply Chain & Information Management) feature high-profile researchers who work in their respective subject areas at the frontier of a new knowledge generation. This knowledge forms the basis of effective knowledge transfer – both in the classroom as well as in relation to real-world business practices.

Human and Collegial

Our students have the privilege of getting to know attentive, high-profile researchers as part of a relatively small study group and are able to experience a collegial and work-friendly environment that has become a mainstay at the JKU Business School.

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Event 28.09.2021


The JKU Business School will welcome all incoming international students and provide valuable information and tips to make their integration fast and easy.

Registration will be necessary.

Instructions will be provided at a later time.

News 16.09.2021

New Research Grant: Girls Only

Iris Groher (Institute of Business Informatics - Software Engineering) and Barbara Sabitzer (School of Education, Department of STEM Education) will be working together on the “Girls Only” project starting in October. The project partner is the Montanuniversität Leoben.

News 24.08.2021

New edited volume "Organizing Creativity in the Innovation Journey"

Together with Patrick Cohendet (HEC Montreal) and Silviya Svejenova (Copenhagen Business School), Elke Schuessler (Institute of Organization Science) has edited a volume "Organizing Creativity in the Innovation Journey" for Research in the Sociology of Organizations. The volume comprises a set of 12 articles that, together with the introduction, provide a processual and practice-oriented perspective on how creativity - as an essential part of all innovation processes, not just "at the fuzzy front-end" - can be organized in different organizations and social contexts. 

The papers in this volume extend our understanding of the social dynamics of organizing creativity in four directions. The first direction sheds light on the temporal dynamics of organizing creativity in artistic fields. The second direction compares creative processes in arts and science, thereby examining tensions and uncertainties in the creative process unfolding in two distinctive contexts of creativity. The third direction examines identity struggles of creative agents in organizations with clashing roles, professional norms, and ambiguities in creativity assessment. The fourth and final direction unravels the communicative journey of ideas from pitching to feedback, revealing how ideas are challenged, enriched, and acquire meaning in communicative interaction. 

News 19.08.2021

New Publication on the Platform Economy in Socio-Economic Review

In their article "Between mutuality, autonomy and domination: rethinking digital platforms as contested relational structures", Elke Schüßler (Institute of Organization Science) together with Will Attwood-Charles (University of Miami), Stefan Kirchner (TU Berlin) and Juliet Schor (Boston College) develop a conceptual framework for understanding the diversity, hybridity and malleability of digital platforms and the dynamics of the platform economy.

This article is the introduction to a whole Special Issue on the platform economy forthcoming at Socio-Economic Review, the leading international journal for research on socio-economic phenomena.

„Creating the JKU Business School will place us among Europe's top universities in the field of business. The JKU Business School's long-term goals include becoming internationally accredited.“
Univ. Prof. Mag. Dr. Meinhard Lukas
Rector, JKU Linz