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BUS Master's Event

Find out about the Master's degrees the Business School has on offer!

Business School Studenten

You have an interest for business and are looking for a Master's that suits you? Then join us at the Master's Event and we'll show you what we have in store! Current students, alumni, and our program managers will inform you about and offer exclusive insights into our innovative programs!

Following programs will be represented:

There will be 2-3 breakout sessions, so please consider which of our programs sound the most interesting to you!

Don't let this opportunity pass you up! We're looking forward to your attendance and participation!

Zoom link:

https://jku.zoom.us/j/94623634715?pwd=MlhHaFhsbGtqU0lFK2F6cGRNV3ZDdz09, opens an external URL in a new window


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