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New Approaches to Research-Based Education.

University partners aim to create temporary transformation labs designed to facilitate prototype development on an experimental basis. Individual partners' diverse skills will come into play, ranging from technological expertise (particularly in the area of AI, computer graphics, etc.), to methodological expertise in the area of speculative design, artistic creative methods, and didactic skills.


Transformation Lab 1: Full Dome / VR & AR

University for Applied Arts x Johannes Kepler University
06/2020 – 09/2020


The first lab's central objectives included thinking about, drafting, and creating different approaches to research-based education and facilitating communication between experts in the field of virtual reality and augmented reality. The Full Dome Environment at the Institute of Digital Arts in Vienna served as the main environment and starting point to support cross-disciplinary collaboration between artists and scientists from both universities. Virtual reality, the full dome, and augmented reality environments blur the boundaries between the physical and virtual world, giving the viewer a sense of immersion.

"Cross Perception" was an attempt to make the interaction between machine and human perception more tangible. "Site-inflexion", on the other hand, focused on developing new participative formats for site-specific virtual and acoustic experiences.

Transformation Lab 2: AI & Vis

Danube-University Krems x Johannes Kepler University x Vienna University of Applied Arts
10/2020 – 09/2021


In the coming decades, AI will continue to change medicine sigificantly. In an effort to better understand these change processes and apply new digital treatment concepts, physicians need more support when it comes to expanding on their expertise and strengthening their skills in this area. Research at the lab focuses on innovative learning and educational designs to provide physicians with professional development in the area of applied artificial intelligence and stimulate long-term, sustainable digital transformation in the healthcare sector.