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This was the 2023 Austrian Citizen Science Conference.

Under the motto "ver.suchen - ver.einen - ver.antworten", we joined forces with the "Österreich forscht" network (BOKU Vienna), Ars Electronica, and the Ludwig Boltzmann Society to send a strong signal in support of actively involving citizens as part of the research processes.

Day 1

Margaret Gold held the opening keynote speech titled "Riding Four Waves of Citizen Science: A Global to Local View of a Field in Motion.". As part of her presentation, Margaret shared her unique, year-long experiences working to create strategies designed to globally support Citizen Science at European, national, and local levels.

The "Lightning Talks" on both days provided insight into the colorful array of Citizen Science projects. The poster session at the LIT Factory was a particular highlight as close to 30 projects were presented in a unique environment, facilitating discussions on common areas of interest among the participants as well as ideas for future partnerships.

The conference dinner took place at the Ars Electronica Center where there was also a performance in Deep Space, and an awards ceremony for the "European Prize for Citizen Science."

Day 2

A new conference format, the "Cabin Talks", brought a breath of fresh air to the sessions. Following a brief pitch on stage, more in-depth discussions about selected projects took place in small phone boxes and meeting rooms. Participants had the opportunity to dive into virtual reality or take part in a secret tea ceremony. The workshops were also interactive, ranging from joint experimentation using new methods to more passionate discussions about "how much openness innovation requires".

Melanie Smallman held the keynote speech titled "Multi-Scale Ethics: Why We Need to Involve Citizens in Technological Developments at Different Scales" on the second day of the conference, pointing out the importance of citizen involvement in developing and implementing technology on different scales in order to take ethical aspects into account and build more trust when it comes to science and technology.

Day 3

The third day focused on students and citizens. Students were invited to a performance at the JKU's Circus of Knowledge (including a live sign language interpretation). During a treasure hunt across the JKU campus, participants learned more about what university life is like. We hope to have inspired future researchers of tomorrow!

Various Citizen Science projects were exhibited on the main square in Linz and citizens were invited to learn more about the projects and take part in the different Citizen Science projects.

Thank you for the inspiring conversation with all of the participants and we are proud to be part of this great community shaping THE FUTURE WE WANT together!

Margarete Gold Keynote speech by Margaret Gold Poster session at the LIT Factory Poster session at the LIT Factory Cabin Talks Cabin Talks Workshop Workshop Keynote speech by Melanie Smallman Keynote speech by Melanie Smallman The JKU's Circus of Knowledge The JKU's Circus of Knowledge ©Johannes Kepler Universität
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