2019-2022             Interreg, Europäischer Fonds für regionale Entwicklung, Österreich - Tschechische                                       Repuplik

2018-2022             DK NanoCell, University of Linz; Co-PI

2018-2022             FWF the Austrian Science Fund (P30867-B26). Age related mutagenesis of driver                                       genes in the male germline. Principal Investigator.

2017-2019             Linz Institute of Technology (LIT). Seed research grant. Discovery of New mutations                                    using ultra-sensitive sequencing. Principal Investigator.

2014-2018             FWF the Austrian Science Fund (P27698). Binding properties of PRDM9. Principal                                      Investigator.

2013-2017             FWF the Austrian Science Fund (P25525). Higher mutations in older men. Principal                                      Investigator.

2011-2015             FWF the Austrian Science Fund (P23811-B12). Mutagenic recombination. Principal                                       Investigator.

2006-2007          Center of Excellence in Genomic Sciences (NHGRI), Pilot Grants by the University of                                   Southern California (ITI0701821).