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The Special LIT Call: The 2024 Ars Electronica Festival

The JKU MED Campus will become the stage for THE festival for art, technology and society in September 2024. As a JKU student, you and your project can be a part of the next Ars Electronica Festival!

Following its successful debut in 2020, the fourth annual Special LIT Call: 2024 Ars Electronica Festival will once again bring art and science together by creatively presenting academic/scientific topics to an international audience.

Starting with submitting a project application, funding and deadlines, learn more about the current 2024 LIT-Ars Call here!

Please submit all of the completed forms by the deadline to: lit(at)jku.at. We look forward to receiving numerous innovative and exciting proposals! 

If you are still searching for inspiration, check out past LIT-Ars projects and get an idea of what YOUR project could be like:

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Special LIT Call - 2024 Ars Electronica Festival 2024

Submission Deadline

April 7, 2024, to: lit(at)jku.at

Who can take part?

Researchers and students at the JKU

Info Session

March 20, 2024

Questions regarding the concept/dialog with the Ars team:

Kerstin Pell
+43 732 2468 5036

Send general inquiries about the submission procedure to the LIT Office:

+43 732 2468 3045


Please use the forms shown in the Infobox to submit your application.

Please submit project applications for the Special LIT Ars Electronica Call as a brief description of up to five pages (maximum) and include the following points:

  • A clear description about the intended project/object/artifact (appearance, potential applications, utilization scenarios, and if applicable, sketches/illustrations/mood boards)
  • What is already available, what can be expanded upon?
  • List of partners (such as artists, designers, software/hardware developers, companies, Ars Electronica, University of Arts Linz, University of Applied Arts Vienna)
  • Schedule
  • Budget/expense plans: (personnel costs and material resources - no research activities!)
  • We welcome and encourage inter-university partnerships. If you are working with other universities, please specify the partner institution's involvement in the form of co-funding or in-kind contributions in your project application.

Project Expenses

To execute your project, you will need to calculate the expenses listed below and/or apply for compensation in the following areas:

Please note: A short video should be produced for the presentation of your project in the run-up to the festival - please also plan funds for this.

Sharing Ideas & Partnerships

Sharing Ideas about Art & Science

Do you have an idea but need support in artistically executing your idea?

The JKU Transformation School. Art x Science, Ars Electronica, and the University of Applied Arts Vienna look forward to sharing ideas with you, providing valuable feedback about your concept, and helping you find artistic partners to work with.

Contact us by sending an e-mail to: Kerstin Pell