Digitalization at the JKU Linz.

E-commerce platforms, the ChatGPT, cloud data, smart homes. Digitalization has entered our homes and become part of our everyday lives. The JKU's university-wide focus on "Digital Transformation" is committed to shaping the digitalization process.

In this regard, we pay particular attention to the extensive technological, societal, economic, legal, social, and medical parameters, including the impact of digital transformation. Degree programs at the JKU - along with courses, research and education - reflect the interaction we are experiencing in the field of digitization.

Digitalization is at Home at the JKU

New information and communication technologies, digital networking, digital infrastructure, and change management: Digital transformation is an ongoing, far-reaching process that touches various aspects of our lives and impacts the way we work and  conduct research.

At the same time, new digital processes mean greater challenges and more responsibility: Just how secure is our data and information? How, for example, do automation and artificial intelligence affect the world we work in?

The university's four faculties and the unique diversity of disciplines provide ideal conditions at interdisciplinary research centers to shed light on - and help shape - the digital transformation, change processes, and new digital technologies.

Did you know that ...?

The JKU was Austria's first university to introduce a degree program computer science, a chair for Business Informatics in German-speaking Europe, and the first European university to introduce a unique degree program in Artificial Intelligence! The JKU Linz in Upper Austria is continuing its groundbreaking approach by focusing on Digital Transformation.

Study Digital Transformation - in fields
ranging from Artificial Intelligence to Psychology

Each and every JKU student will benefit from the close connections between various academic research areas, resulting in exciting new synergies and opportunities at the crossroads of technology, social sciences, business, natural sciences, medicine, computer sciences, engineering, education, art, and science.

The JKU MedSPACE - An Example in Virtual Education

The JKU, the Ars Electronica Futurelab, and Siemens Healthineers formed a research partnership and came together to turn "Virtual Anatomy" at the JKU medSPACE into reality at the JKU's new Medical Campus. Opened in September 2021, this state-of-the-art multimedia lecture hall features a new digital application that is setting new standards in teaching virtual anatomy at the JKU. During lectures, "real" patient data recorded by CT and MRI machines is displayed in unparalleled 8K stereographic quality and navigable in real-time. In addition, the JKU medSPACE can stream surgeries live, straight from the operating room.

Virtuelle Anantomie im JKU medSPACE Virtuelle Anantomie im JKU medSPACE

Academic Degree Programs focusing on Digital Transformation

All of the academic degree programs at the JKU include an awareness of digitization and its impact. Here is a selection:

Bachelor's Degree Programs

Master's Degree Programs


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JKU Research: Digital Transformation

The JKU is committed to responsible technology, meaning that scientific debate not only focuses on technical and scientific innovation, but also on the social, economic, health-related and legal parameters and the implications of the latter; this is what drives our researchers.

Linz Institute of Transformative Change (LIFT_C)

In an effort to address the major challenges we face from an interdisciplinary perspective, at the end of 2021, the university began to create plans to establish the Linz Institute of Transformative Change (LIFT_C). The institute will focus on technological solutions that go hand-in-hand with initiating social and economic shifts in behavior.

Außenansicht Science Park 2

Current topics on digitalization

Franz Fellner; Credit: JKU

Inaugural Lectures to Introduce New Professors at the JKU Faculty of Medicine

Four new JKU professors in medicine - Franz Fellner, Jens Meier, Helmut Salzer, and Raimund Helbok - recently held their inaugural lectures.

VR Alexander Freischlager; photo credit: Robert Maybach

Introducing the New JKU Vice-Rectors

Mag. Alexander Freischlager is the Vice-Rector for Campus Enhancements, Digitaliziation, and Sustainability. We spoke with him about his future plans…

Blonder Engel; photo credit: Petra Moser

Blonder Engel and the JKU Explain Artificial Intelligence as Part of a Dialect Song Titled "A Liadl, ans üwa KI"

What is artificial intelligence? What all can it do, and not do? Can we explain the technology in simpler terms?


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