Study Engineering at LIT at the JKU.

Will your first car be a self-driving vehicle? Will the car parts be made out of recycled plastic? Will you develop technology that can deliver twice as much energy and use far fewer resources?

The challenges we will face in the future demand outstanding engineers! Decide now to enroll in an engineering program at the Linz Institute of Technology!

Mechanical engineering, electronics and information technology, mechatronics, polymer technology? Can't decide? No problem, because all of the students enrolled in an undergraduate degree in engineering complete a first year together. So you choose an academic degree program, become better acquainted with areas in engineering, and after the first year you can change your major to something you perhaps like better!

Bachelor's Degree Programs

Master's Degree Programs

Doctorate Degree Program

„My research as a doctoral candidate focuses on creating cutting-edge procedures we can use to quickly diagnose patients who have cerebral hemorrhage.“
DI Sebastian Poltschak
Doctoral Candidate at the Institute of Communications Engineering and RF Systems