Registration Period

  • Make an initial appointment with the director beforehand.
  • The goal is to get to know each other, complete required forms, tour the facility, and clarify the schedule as to which days your child requires care.
  • Parents are required to register children in advance for our flexible childcare services as the facility may only accept a certain number of children on any given day. Children under the age of 3 must first acclimate before regularly scheduled childcare hours begin.
  • If you do not require childcare on the day your child is signed up for childcare (cannot come, illness, etc.), parents must cancel that day by no later than 9 am.
  • You will be charged for any unexcused hours!!

Tariff Regulations

One hour of childcare costs € 2. The amount is to be paid either by monthly debit order or by payslip. Parents are required to play a semester fee of € 35 for arts & craft materials, diapers and wet wipes. The amount will be charged each semester automatically when receiving the first invoice.