LIT Open Innovation Center (OIC) and the LIT Factory.

LIT is short for the Linz Institute of Technology. This is where academia, science, business and industry come together to collaborate and conduct research and development in the areas of Artificial Intelligence, Robot Intelligence, IT Security, Information Electronics, and Industry 4.0. The LIT OIC (Open Innovation Center) and the LIT Factory have been designed as an open platform to support technological advancements.

With over 8,000 m2 of space, the LIT not only supports technological research, but the sky's the limit when it comes to studying social impact and sustainability.


Interdisciplinary study and research is the name of the game and strongly encouraged! The LIT OIC boasts over 250 workspaces, half of which are occupied by members of the JKU while the other half is available to external businesses, start-up companies and spin-off companies.

The innovative building was completed back in 2019 in just 435 days.

A large slide once located at the old mail distribution center near the Linz train station was installed at the LIT OIC to create a sense of fun! Once used for packages and parcels, the slide was no longer needed and found its way to campus. The slide symboliizes transience.

The LIT Factory

Research at the LIT Factory focuses strongly on process innovation in the field of polymer technologies, ranging from the circular economy and innovative materials needed for lightweight construction to digitalization at modern production plants. This pilot factory maps the entire value chain. The information acquired is used to develop assistance systems and self-optimized processes.

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