Green Mobility at the JKU Campus.

Ride your bike to campus, use an electric car for a business trip, take the tram into town, or ride your JKU bike to the nearest supermarket. The Johannes Kepler University Linz provides a number of different options to help you get around in an environmentally friendly way.

The Johannes Kepler University Linz supports all levels sustainable, i.e. green, mobility. Students, employees and local residents can take advantage of these environmentally friendly options. This not only applies to business and study trips, but also the daily or weekly commute from home to the university, as well as running everyday errands.



Office for Sustainability


Mag. Maria Buchmayr


0732 2468 3328

Riding Your Bike to the JKU Campus

From bike boxes to shower facilities, particularly if you're looking for a healthy and sustainable way to get to campus early in the morning.

Protected Parking & Bike Boxes

In addition to numerous spaces to park your bike on campus, JKU employees can rent bicycle boxes, i.e. a kind of "mini-garage" with space for 1-2 bicycles. You can lock these boxes, thwarting bike theft, vandalism, and weather damage. Rent a bike box at the Department of Facilities Management (Kopfgebäude building, 1st floor, Rm. 102, service-gut(at) A bike box costs € 50 per semester; a deposit of 30 euros is required per key.

Locations at the JKU include the Kopfgebäude Building, Juridicum Bldg., the Management Center, the area between the Bank Building and the Semiconductor Physics building.

Studierender vor Fahrradständer Science Park stehend

Bike Initiative

Those involved in the JKU Scientists4Future program are particularly committed to cycling and expanding green mobility in and around the JKU campus. Click here to learn more about their initiative:


Did you know that... ?

When it comes to getting around the city center, biking is the fastest means of transportation! It takes just 15 minutes to get from the JKU campus to the main square in the city center of Linz.


You can freshen up after your bike ride by taking a shower at the JKU. Free shower facilities are available in the Kepler Hall, the TN Tower, and at the Science Park 1. Shower facilities are also available to employees at the Open Innovation Center.

The JKU City Bike Station

The JKU City Bike Station is located directly at the JKU campus entrance, next to the TIM e-mobility hub (Altenberger Straße). Another location will soon follow at the Open Innovation Center (OIC). 

The station will connect the Johannes Kepler University to the Linz City Bike network, a network that features over 40 stations! There are also stations on Krankenhausstraße and Gruberstraße, not far from the JKU MED Campus.

You can conveniently rent a bike via the nextbike app on your smart phone. The first 30 minutes for the first ride of the day are free!  See below to learn more about Linz Citybikes and download the app:

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tim E-Mobility Hub

täglich - intelligent - mobile (tim). Why buy a car if you can rent an electric car directly at the JKU campus? The cars are parked right next to the university entrance (Altenberger Straße, near the Kepler Hall).

Information about the way tim works and how you can rent a car is available below:


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Why you should "go green"!

  • Noise & Air Pollution: Increasing traffic means more noise for residents and more harmful particulates in the air. We can all play our part to reduce noise and air pollution by switching over to bikes, the railway, and e-cars. 
  • Quality of Life: Too much traffic in metropolitan areas and (big) cities in particular means the quality of life suffers. If we can make a conscious effort to switch over whenever we can, we'll be doing something good for all of us - and making Linz a more livable place to live.
  • Protecting Natural Spaces: Do you drive to work alone? Single car occupancy requires more roads and parking spaces. Make a conscious effort to switch over whenever possible, either to a more space-saving bike or the tram! Tram lines 1 & 2 go directly to the JKU University stop. This is a way to help you play your part in protecting green areas and forests. 
  • Climate Protection: Road traffic is responsible for 20% of greenhouse gases that are damaging our climate. "Green mobility" helps each of us protect the planet.