Studying abroad during the coronavirus pandemic: What you need to know!

The JKU is still welcoming exchange students however, in times like these you will need to be flexible, more than ever before.

The Coronavirus Pandemic in Austria and at the JKU:
The situation is currently stable and although the JKU will continue to welcome exchange students during the 2020/2021 academic year, the conditions will be slightly different than usual. Students must be willing to be flexible to a certain degree and adapt to the situation as required during an exchange stay, particularly during the coronavirus pandemic.

Entry Restrictions:
Austria has issued travel warnings for a number of European countries and for a majority of countries overseas. Depending on your nationality and the country you are arriving from, you may be required to provide a medical certificate (proving a negative PCR test) and in some cases, you may even have to self-quarantine. Updated information is available here.

Safety Protocols:
Everyone is required to wear a face mask when indoors or in an enclosed indoor area (in university buildings, shops, etc.) as well as when taking public transportation.
Practice social distancing and maintain a minimum distance of 1 meter to other people.
Limit social gatherings and limit the time spent in crowded spaces.

Orientation Program:
The orientation program will take place on-site and in-person and adherence to the safety protocols (wearing face masks & practicing social distancing) as long as the situation permits. Unfortunately, we cannot offer bus excursions at this time, however we are currently working on alternative options.

The course format will depend on the current situation. At the moment, we hope that most classes can be taught on campus and in-person. In regards to courses for a large number of students, the university is currently working on alternate solutions. If necessary, the university is prepared to switch from in-person classes to remote (online) learning.