The Department Store is dead, long live the Department Store?

Christoph Teller as a guest on Servus TV and in an interview for Der Standard


In a recently broadcast programme on Servus TV and an interview for Der Standard, Christoph Teller, an expert with over two decades of research experience in the field of shop types and agglomerations, discussed his views on the future of the department stores' model. The discussion took place in the context of the Lamarr luxury department stores', which was seen as a beacon project in the current retail landscape and is now up in the air.

The department stores' concept has had a difficult time in recent years. With the rise of online shopping and changing consumer habits, many department stores have been cornered. But is this really the end for this once so dominant retail format? Mr Teller makes a differentiated argument. He emphasises that the traditional department stores' model is certainly facing challenges, but is not necessarily doomed. Rather, he sees opportunities for a reorientation and adaptation to current market conditions. Aspects such as a unique shopping experience, clear positioning in the market and innovative strategies play a decisive role here.

"It is the middle class that is most likely to fall by the wayside, icons still work today," says Christoph Teller, retail expert from the JKU in Linz.

So it seems that the department stores' concept is by no means obsolete, but rather subject to evolution. Those who are prepared to adapt and