Data-driven marketing or the watering can

Expert talk with Prof Dr Thomas Werani (IHaM)


Under the moderation of Medianet publisher Oliver Jonke, marketing experts Karin Seywald-Czihak (ÖBB Werbung), Stefan Lorbeer (ÖAMTC), Walter Lukner (Payback) and Thomas Werani (Institute for Retailing, Sales and Marketing/JKU) discussed the question "How should consumers be addressed in order to turn them into loyal customers?"

"Data-driven marketing is fuelling individualisation, which means that marketing and sales are growing together," said Oliver Jonke in his introductory statement. Karin Seywald-Czihak favours printed information, especially for rail travel, while Walter Lukner sees the future in apps.

For Prof. Werani, the focus is on the value created: "If I only optimise value for customers, I will have a problem as a company at some point," says Werani. "I also have to ask what value I can generate for myself as a company." And this applies to every advertising medium - from posters to apps. Data-driven marketing can create a balance here for both sides - customers and companies.

The expert talk can be read in the current issue of Medianet from 7 December or online at, opens an external URL in a new window