The future of teaching and research – outcome of an inspiring seminar

[Translate to Englisch:] Institutsklausur Team 2023

Our institute workshop was entirely focused on our research emphasis, "Openness". Together, we engaged in intensive discussions, developed a clear roadmap for 2023/2024 and identified common areas of achievement. Aimining to ensure quality in research and education.

After a productive day, the evening was dedicated to informal exchanges and strengthening our team spirit.

On the second day, we delved into the future of teaching and crafted an exciting research seminar concept: "Scientific Work with AI Support" – a groundbreaking initiative aimed at thoroughly preparing our Bachelor students. We really enjoy working together on future-oriented course designs and exploring innovative paths.

A big thank you goes out to the entire institute team for your dedication and all the creative ideas!

Teaser: Staying true to our motto ‚openness‘, we will share the seminar design "Scientific Work with AI" with you – Open Use.