Laura Schuligoi's Internship at nbi at the voestalpine


voestalpine nbi Laura Schuligoi

The new business incubator (nbi) at the voestalpine Steel Division not only gives employees an opportunity to submit innovative ideas in order to further develop them as part of a project team, but also bring these ideas to market maturity. This helps to successfully advance business areas outside of the voestalpine Steel Divison's core business. Experienced mentors at nbi provide the teams with support to see how viable the ideas are, check for marketability, and provide the required resources in order to successfully implement projects.

The Institute for Strategic Management at the JKU supported graduate Laura Schuligoi as she accepted an internship at nbi, giving her a unique opportunity to acquire hands-on, real-world experience in the areas of market research, potential analysis, and innovation. In addition, the internship provided real-world insight into developing new ideas at an established company's successful incubator, thereby acquiring valuable expertise in support of a future career in this field.