We are pleased that Prof. Waldemar Kremser, along with Prof. Thomas Grisold (University of St.Gallen), Prof. Jan Mendling (HU Berlin), Prof. Jan Recker (Uni Hamburg), Prof. Jan vom Brocke (Uni Münster) and Dr. Bastian Wurm (LMU), has published a paper in the Journal of Information Technology (VHB: A; "Basket of Eight"). The publication is titled "Generating Impactful Situated Explanations through Digital Trace Data" and explores how digital traces, generated through the use of digital technologies, can be utilized to address challenges and opportunities in the management of organizations.

Digital traces are online records of activities and events, providing valuable information on socio-technical phenomena. For example, data generated through mobile phone usage can provide insights into human mobility and behavior. The authors demonstrate how researchers can use such data to develop so-called "situated explanations", meaning explanations that capture the specific features of real-world problems and generate effective solutions for these problems.

The authors outline five principles for developing situated explanations based on digital trace data. The publication makes a significant contribution to both research and practice by proposing a complementary form of knowledge accumulation that emphasizes practical impact and timely relevance. The authors also discuss the implications of their suggestions for research and publication practices in business informatics.

We congratulate Waldemar Kremser and his co-authors on this outstanding publication and invite you to read it here:, opens an external URL in a new window