From left: Pernsteiner, Feldbauer-Durstmüller, Hiebl

The 14th Karl Vodrazka Colloquium featuring Martin Hiebl

Martin Hiebl held a presentation titled: "Finanzielle Führung in Familienunternehmen: Besonderheiten und Effekte".

From left: VR Alberta Bonanni, Mark Hlawitschka, Michel Bockstedte, Dean Kurt Schlacher

Inaugural Lectures at the JKU

Inaugural lectures by Prof. Michel Bockstedte and Prof. Mark Hlawitschka (Faculty of Engineering & Natural Sciences) took place on October 18.

Summer school for entrepreneurs in 2021

Entrepreneurial Spirit at the JKU

The inspiring summer school program for entrepreneurs and innovators was aimed at those interested in creating their own business.

Prof. Kerstin Blank

New Professor of Physics

As an experimental physicist, Kerstin Blank is on the quest for the building blocks of life.

Soyoung Lee

New Chair for Tumor Biology at the JKU Faculty of Medicine

Renowned researcher Soyoung Lee will take over the distinguished chair in October.

Café Antonia at the JKU MED Campus

Something for Everyone at the JKU MED Campus

The new JKU MED Campus not only serves med students and medical professionals, but other guests can also enjoy refreshments – for example, at the new…

F.l.: Professor Radko Mesiar (STU Bratislava), Professor Susanne Saminger-Platz, Professor Erich Peter Klement

Award Presented to Prof. Klement

Erich Peter Klement was presented with the "EUSFLAT Scientific Excellence Award" in recognition of his research in the field of fuzzy logic.

Bernd Lamprecht (Deputy Dean for Research and Teaching), Vice-Rector Elgin Drda, and Maximilian Baumann (OÖ JKU MED)

All in White: The JKU Med School’s "White Coat Ceremony"

121 medical students took part in the JKU’s “White Coat Ceremony”, symbolically slipping on the white coats that signifies entrance into the medical…

F.l.: Dr. Claudia Schwarz (ACADEMIA SUPERIOR), Dr. Andre Zogholy (Linz University of Art), Vice-Rector Univ. Prof. Mag. Brigitte Vasicek (Linz University of Art), Vice-Rector DI Christopher Lindinger (JKU Linz), Univ. Assist. Mag. Katharina Weinberger-Lootsma (Linz University of Art), and Dr. Herta Neiß (JKU Linz).

Universities Practice Living Their Third Mission

The fourth annual ‘Crossing Art & Science’ event focused on the "third mission".