Watch the Second Edition of JKU medTALK

"Factor Gender - Personalisierte Medizin in einer diversen Gesellschaft" - The second edition in the JKU medTALK series focused on this engaging and hot topic.

Podium JKU medTALK
Elgin Drda, Andreas Zierer, Marlies Antlanger, Christine Haiden, Clemens Schmitt

The podium discussions were lively and interesting, continuing on at the reception that followed. The discussion focused on gender-specific differences that can affect diagnoses and treatment, as well as issues regarding evidence-based medicine and personalized medicine.

The panel included:

  • Priv. Doz. Dr. Marlies Antlanger, Department of Internal Medicine, Kepler University Hospital
  • Univ. Prof. Dr. Clemens Schmitt, head of the University Department of Hematology and Internal Oncology, JKU
  • Univ. Prof. Dr. Andreas Zierer, head of the University Hospital for Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgery, JKU

Christine Haiden chaired the JKU medTALK.

Focusing on future topics in medicine, the discussion series “JKU medTALK” at the Johannes Kepler University Linz takes place at the new JKU medLOFT. The JKU intends to organize a regular, quarterly platform in support of research and innovative medicine, as well as to bring medical professionals, media experts, and leaders in the medical industry together to address and discuss controversial subjects.

Watch the second JKU medTALK and experience some of the highlights:

Watch the Second Edition of JKU medTALK

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