Across the Border: Who Can Help If the Police is Looking for Me?

A cross-border seminar titled "Legal Assistance in Criminal Proceedings" took place at the JKU.

[Translate to Englisch:] v.l.: Soyer, Esser, Schumann

Experts from Germany and Austria presented research projects and commented on the legal regulations. The event aimed to strengthen cooperation between the JKU and the University of Passau.

The seminar featured presentations by Univ. Prof. Robert Esser (Chair for German, European and Criminal Procedure Law as well as Commercial Business Law and head of the research center  ‘Human Rights in Criminal Proceedings’ at the University of Passau), Assist. Prof. Stefan Schumann and Univ. Prof. Richard Soyer (both from the JKU).

Prof. Soyer, an expert in criminal justice at the JKU, remarked, “Both universities are involved in research and teaching so the event not only follows ‘science-to-practice’ principles, but also takes ‘research-oriented teaching’ into account.”

The event also took a look at the past and past abuse of the “law” as a means to wield power. Seminar participants then visited the former concentration camp in Mauthausen.