Award for Solar Technology Developments

The Institute of Polymeric Materials and Testing was presented with an honorary award at the 19th annual Energy Globe Awards in recognition of outstanding research in the field of solar technology.

SolPol (“Solar Energy Technologies based on Polymeric Materials”) is the world’s largest pre-competitive research initiative for polymer innovations in solar technology. By incorporating the expertise of leading polymer and solar research facilities in Austria with the expertise of leading polymer and solar thermal companies in Austria, a unique global potential to develop new, polymer-based thermal collector systems and PV modules has been created. The goal is to strengthen and expand Austrian solar and polymer companies through polymer-based innovative developments and contribute to renewable energy technologies that will help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The SolPol research initiative is headed by department head Univ. Prof. Reinhold W. Lang together with Univ. Prof. Gernot Wallner and Univ. Prof. Jörg Fischer.